Aquabandit US

The Aquabandit

Features of the Aquabandit

The Aquabandit has a specially designed Smooth Skin NEOPRENE to create a proper seal over the ear canal.

It has been engineered specifically to properly meet the contour of a dogs head.

It is comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. Dogs love it!

An adjustable Velcro® strap is attached to ensure a snug fit.

Patent Pending.

Ear Infection Statistics.

Ear disease and infection is one of the most common problems that bring dogs to Veterinarians.

Ear infections can result from various irritants such as; water in the ear canal and debris including sand, seeds, grass and foxtails.

Ear infections are painful and uncomfortable for dogs and if left untreated can lead to further complications.

Prevention is better than cure. The Aquabandit provides protection to prevent your dog from suffering ear infections.

It is also recommended by Veterinarians as a post surgical device to replace the bandage.


Place the AquaBandit over your dogs ears.

Making sure the ears are directly over the ear canal.

Secure the Aquabandit tightly under the chin with the velcro strap to ensure a snug and proper fit.

The Aquabandit may have to be readjusted after extended periods of play.

Remove promptly after each use.

*Picture of Louis with his Aquabandit on upside down (thank you for the picture - Marie from Hampshire, UK).